2011 UCI cycling calendar | 2011 Kwita Izina Cycling Tour

  • 2011 Kwita Izina Cycling Tour


    Took place from Saturday 11 June 2011 till Sunday 12 June 2011.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Africa Tour

    Result / Final classification

    1/ Daniel Teklehaymanot (ERI) - 9h12'18"
    2/ Freqalsi Abrha (ERI) - +1'13"
    3/ Adil Jelloul (MAR) - +4'35"
    4/ Meran Russan (ERI) - +5'26"
    5/ Adrien Niyonshuti - +7'36"


    Stages/Race route and results (when available)

    Saturday 11 June 2011 1/ Kigali > Kinigi 1/ Daniel Teklehaymanot (ERI) - 3h05'48"
    2/ Freqalsi Abrha (ERI)
    3/ Meran Russan (ERI)
    4/ Adil Jelloul (MAR) - +2'43"
    5/ Nicodem Habiyambere - +2'52"
    Saturday 11 June 2011 2/ Ruhengeri > Gisenyi 1/ Daniel Teklehaymanot (ERI) - 1h38'21"
    2/ Tarik Chaoufi (MAR)
    3/ Adil Jelloul (MAR)
    4/ Freqalsi Abrha (ERI)
    5/ Tesfay Abrhaba Habtermariam (ERI)
    Sunday 12 June 2011 3/ Gisenyi > Kigali 1/ Daniel Teklehaymanot (ERI) - 4h28'09"
    2/ Freqalsi Abrha (ERI) - +1'13"
    3/ Adil Jelloul (MAR) - +1'52"
    4/ Soufiane Haddi (MAR) - +2'24"
    5/ Dawit Araya (ERI)

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Currently 7 comments!
  1. i must participate in this race God willing

    | nzamwita | Wednesday 22 December 2010 om 19h48

  2. Yes,Daniel is one of the hope and star of African that can represent in the olympic and tour de France,He is the pride of Eritrean and African people.

    | Daniel | Sunday 12 June 2011 om 19h52

  3. Good job from Daniel.....He will never stop from winning Medals...

    | Tedros | Monday 13 June 2011 om 17h03

  4. Well done Eritrea team. Never kneel down even if USA pupets the weyane try to bring you down. Go Dani go Eri it is your birth day.

    | daniel Afe-werqci | Monday 13 June 2011 om 17h28

  5. that's what eritrean means? u gone show it again in tour de aljeria!

    | amanuel alazar | tuesday 14 June 2011 om 14h49

  6. The Unstoppable Daniel took the leading rank from Adil Jellul (MAR) and the Eritrean team is still ranked next to Morocco ,but reduced the difference to 71 points only. Off course The Moroccan Team took the leading from the Eritrean team when they make a tour at their country and they didn't invite The Eritrean team .. shameful .........But on the coming "Tour OF Algeria " on 27-06-2011 , and no one will stop Daniel and his team from winning.....

    | Tedros | tuesday 14 June 2011 om 17h38


    | phillmon | Wednesday 15 June 2011 om 06h55

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