2012 UCI cycling calendar | 2012 Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia

  • 2012 Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia


    Took place from Saturday 03 March 2012 till Sunday 04 March 2012.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Europe Tour

    Result / Final classification

    1/ Nairo Alexander Quintana (Movistar Team) - 5h06'10"
    2/ Jonathan Tiernan-Locke (Endura Racing) - +0'06"
    3/ Wouter Poels (Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team) - +0'09"
    4/ Sergio Pardilla (Movistar Team) - +0'15"
    5/ Jonathan Castroviejo (Movistar Team) - +0'21"

    More information ...

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    Stages/Race route and results (when available)

    Saturday 03 March 2012 1/ Balneario de Archena > Alhama de Murcia 192.8 km 1/ Nairo Alexander Quintana (Movistar Team) - 4h51'52"
    2/ Wouter Poels (Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team) - +0'14"
    3/ Jonathan Tiernan-Locke (Endura Racing) - +0'16"
    4/ Sergio Pardilla (Movistar Team)
    5/ Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel-Euskadi) - +0'26"
    Sunday 04 March 2012 2/ Murcia > Murcia (ITT) 12.3 km 1/ Alexander Serov (Rusvelo) - 13'46"
    2/ Jonathan Castroviejo (Movistar Team)
    3/ Alexander Wetterhall (Endura Racing) - +0'03"
    4/ Alexey Kunshin (Lokosphinx) - +0'06"
    5/ Jan Barta (Team Netapp) - +0'10"
    total distance 205.1 km

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Currently 8 comments!
  1. When can it be expected that the stage routes will be releaased for this race.

    | ronnie massey | Sunday 23 October 2011 om 17h34

  2. Hi ronnie,

    This year, the organisation of this race published the stage routes only one week before the start of the race.

    | Thomas Vergouwen | Sunday 23 October 2011 om 17h56

  3. This is most unhelpful for any potential visiting spectators. Surely the organisors must realise that without adequate planning and notice, spectators may become limited to just locals. And with the economics everywhere suffering surely they should be pushing the boat out to advertise and publish as much detail for the race as possible

    | Ronnie massey | tuesday 22 November 2011 om 22h22

  4. Completely agree with that! Many organisors are ignoring that.

    I think the same goes for the route maps provided by organisors actually. In my opinion flat maps shown as a simple image are useless nowadays, only interactive maps such as mine on Google Maps* allow to really know where the race goes. As an example, compare for example the official route map for Paris-Tours this year and my map of Paris-Tours 2011 (zoom in on the finish part and you'll understand why it's useful ;-).

    * those before July 1st, 2011 might not work anymore due to the change of the domain name of this website ; the KML files available in the articles will continue to work

    | Thomas Vergouwen | tuesday 22 November 2011 om 22h34

  5. In 2011 the race financing was in doubt until very close to the start. The organisers did their very best, but in the end had to reduce from 5 to 3 days.
    The tour is confined to a fairly tight area,and it is easy to see all the sprints, climbs ,starts, finishes without traffic or crowd problems. As long as you know the dates, you can book your trip with confidence, get the race book from the start (usually San Pedro) and just enjoy some quick map reading to get to your chosen viewpoints. It is a great, less formal event which attracts many fo the big names - Armstong, Menchov, Contador etc etc. You can get right next to or even chat with the riders & staff before the starts

    | David Gartside | Thursday 05 January 2012 om 11h15

  6. Apparently the race has now been reduced to 2 days.

    | Thomas Vergouwen | Saturday 07 January 2012 om 17h39

  7. i have booked to fly out on the 28th of feb till the 3rd of march i checked all the new dates .so booked it apartment and flight
    ,then yesterday 9th jan i see new dates for the tour !!!!!!!!!!!. wow ALL I CAN SAY IS I HOPE SPAIN WILL NEVER HOLD THE OLYMPICS ??

    | khal | tuesday 10 January 2012 om 12h15

  8. Aghhh my frustration with the organisers of this race is beyond comparisson. And whilst I understand in the background they may be working feverishly to keep this event alive, how can they seriously expect to bring in much needed revenue when theyre keeping the race a bloody secret !

    | Ronnie massey | tuesday 21 February 2012 om 23h51

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