2011 UCI cycling calendar | 2011 Tour of Norway

  • 2011 Tour of Norway


    Took place from Wednesday 01 June 2011 till Sunday 05 June 2011.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Europe Tour

    Result / Final classification

    1/ Wilco Kelderman (Rabobank Continental Team) - 21h04'23"
    2/ Daniel Foder (Glud & Marstrand-LRO) - +0'05"
    3/ Vegard robinson Bugge (Joker Merida)
    4/ Michael Rasmussen (Christina Watches-Onfone) - +0'08"
    5/ Frederik Wilmann (Joker Merida)

    More information ...

    Go to the official website for the 2011 Tour of Norway


    Stages/Race route and results (when available)

    Wednesday 01 June 2011 1/ Tønsberg > Larvik 173.2 km 1/ Jesper Dahlström (SWE) - 4h06'16"
    2/ Daniel Foder (Glud & Marstrand-LRO)
    3/ Vegard robinson Buge (Joker Merida)
    4/ Andreas Frisch (Team Concordia Forsikring-Himmerland) - +0'05"
    5/ Wilco Kelderman (Rabobank Continental Team)
    Thursday 02 June 2011 2/ Skien > Drammen 172.6 km 1/ Michael Hepburn (Team Jayco-AIS) - 4h12'29"
    2/ René Jörgensen (Christina Watches-Onfone)
    3/ Wilco Kelderman (Rabobank Continental Team)
    4/ Frederik Wilman (Joker Merida)
    5/ Michael Rasmussen (Christina Watches-Onfone)
    Friday 03 June 2011 3/ Sarpsborg > Halden 174.2 km 1/ Johan Lindgren (Team Cykelcity) - 4h01'06"
    2/ Jonathan McEvoy (Motorpoint) - +0'04"
    3/ Jack Bauer (Endura Racing)
    4/ Christer Rake (Joker Merida)
    5/ Daniel Foder (Glud & Marstrand-LRO)
    Saturday 04 June 2011 4/ Jessheim > Hamar 194 km 1/ Iker Camaño (Endura Racing) - 4h33'57"
    2/ Marcin Bialoblocki (Motorpoint)
    3/ Angelo Furlan (Christina Watches-Onfone)
    4/ Ian Bibby (Motorpoint)
    5/ Roy Hegreberg (Sparebanken Vest-Ridley)
    Sunday 05 June 2011 5/ Hamar > Lillestrøm 176.7 km 1/ Christer Rake (Joker Merida) - 4h10'22"
    2/ Angelo Furlan (Christina Watches-Onfone) - +0'04"
    3/ Jonathan McEvoy (Motorpoint)
    4/ Frans Leonard Mustaparta (Ringeriks-Kraft)
    5/ Iker Camaño (Endura Racing)
    total distance 890.7 km

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Currently 2 comments!
  1. Friday: What's the time-of-day for start on today's leg, and roughly about when will we expect the riders to reach Halden? I live within a few km's from finish line, and I ask for two reasons : I will be on my way back home with car this afternoon around 4pm; I'd love to see the finish, but do not know where and when roads are expected to be blocked.

    | Tore Schrøder | Friday 03 June 2011 om 08h02

  2. Hi Tore,

    The finish will be around 3.30PM. I unfortunately don't have any further information about the time, route and road blocks :-(.

    | Thomas Vergouwen | Friday 03 June 2011 om 08h47

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