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2019 UCI cycling calendar | 2019 Tour of Estonia

  • Tour of Estonia 2019 Tour of Estonia


    Took place from thursday 23 May 2019 till saturday 25 May 2019.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Europe Tour

    Result / Final classification

    1/ Mihkel Räim (Israel Cycling Academy) - 8h31'08"
    2/ Matthias Brändle (Israel Cycling Academy) - +0'10"
    3/ Rudy Barbier (Israel Cycling Academy) - +0'12"
    4/ Emil Lindgren (Sweden) - +0'18"
    5/ Maciej Paterski (Wibatech Merx) - +0'19"

    More information ...

    > Go to the official website for the 2019 Tour of Estonia

    Stages/Race route and results (when available)

    thursday 23 May 2019 1/ Tallinn > Tallinn (ITT) 3.7 km 1/ Matthias Brändle (Israel Cycling Academy) - 5'26"
    2/ Maciej Paterski (Wibatech Merx) - +0'09"
    3/ Peeter Pruus (Estonia)
    4/ Charles Planet (Team Novo Nordisk) - +0'10"
    5/ Mihkel Räim (Israel Cycling Academy)
    friday 24 May 2019 2/ Tallinn > Tartu 187 km 1/ Rudy Barbier (Israel Cycling Academy) - 4h23'49"
    2/ Daniel Babor (Tufo-Pardus Prostejov)
    3/ Andrea Peron (Team Novo Nordisk)
    4/ Maciej Paterski (Wibatech Merx)
    5/ Mihkel Räim (Israel Cycling Academy)
    saturday 25 May 2019 3/ Tartu > Tartu 173 km 1/ Mihkel Räim (Israel Cycling Academy) - 4h01'53"
    2/ Michal Podlaski (Wibatech Merx)
    3/ Roman Maikin (Minsk Cycling Club) - +0'10"
    4/ Andrea Peron (Team Novo Nordisk)
    5/ Norman Vahtra (Estonia)
    total distance 363.7 km

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    Do you like this race? Tell your friends on Facebook by clicking the button below!


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