2017 UCI cycling calendar | 2017 Tour du Cameroun

  • 2017 Tour du Cameroun


    Took place from Friday 10 March 2017 till Saturday 18 March 2017.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Africa Tour


    Stages/Race route and results (when available)

    Saturday 11 March 2017 1/ Yaoundé > Bafia 1/ Isiakaa Cissé (Ivory Coast) - 2h53'38"
    2/ Patrik Tybor (Dukla Banska Bystrica)
    3/ Adne van Engelen
    4/ Salaheddine Mraouni (Morocco) - +0'07"
    5/ Juraj Bellan (Dukla Banska Bystrica)
    Sunday 12 March 2017 2/ Bafoussam > Bafoussam 1/ Nikodemus Holler (Bike Aid) - 2h24'09"
    2/ Adne van Engelen
    3/ Meron Teshome (Bike Aid) - +0'57"
    4/ Salaheddine Mraouni (Morocco)
    5/ Suleiman Kangangi (Bike Aid)
    Monday 13 March 2017 3/ Mbanga > Limbé 1/ Meron Teshome (Bike Aid) - 2h44'29"
    2/ Nikodemus Holler (Bike Aid)
    3/ Juraj Bellan (Dukla Banska Bystrica)
    4/ Lahcen Saber (Morocco)
    5/ Salaheddine Mraouni (Morocco)
    tuesday 14 March 2017 4/ Limbé > Kumba 1/ Salaheddine Mraouni (Morocco) - 2h28'39"
    2/ Nikodemus Holler (Bike Aid)
    3/ Jean Paul René Ukiniwabo (Rwanda) - +0'05"
    4/ Martin Haring (Dukla Banska Bystrica)
    5/ Daniel Bichlmann (Bike Aid) - +0'16"
    Wednesday 15 March 2017 5/ Douala > Douala 1/ Meron Teshome (Bike Aid) - 2h44'01"
    2/ Salaheddine Mraouni (Morocco)
    3/ Jeroen Breewel
    4/ Bonaventure Uwizeyimana (Rwanda)
    5/ Nikodemus Holler (Bike Aid)
    Thursday 16 March 2017 6/ Douala > Kribi 1/ Rutger Roelandts - 4h04'13"
    2/ Bonaventure Uwizeyimana (Rwanda)
    3/ Mouhssine Lahsaini (Morocco) - +0'07"
    4/ Grzegorz Kwiatkowski - +0'10"
    5/ Arthur Talla (Cameroon)

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Currently 5 comments!
  1. this is my first time to,I do't now about tour of cameroun but nice tour so I participate my team Ethiopian (Trans Ethiopia) team it's strongh team

    | Mehari Duruy | Friday 25 November 2016 om 20h50

  2. We are interested to be present in this Tour du Cameroun with our Eritrean Cyclin Club " EriTel"

    | Berhane Gebremariam | Monday 06 February 2017 om 05h15

  3. Gewijzigde datum. Start is op zaterdag 11 maart. Finish op zondag 19 maart.

    | Kees Roks | Saturday 04 March 2017 om 19h56

  4. Oui en Erytree on a des tres bonne souvenirs du Tour de Cameroun l, equipe Nationale Erythreen du Cyclisme a debute ses tour Continental d.Afrique au Tour de Cameroun e apres ca , ca continues
    aujourdhui. Cette annee on a esseye de y parteciper mais elas notre request avec ;e Club Eritel cete tres tard!!!

    | Berhane Gebremariam | Sunday 05 March 2017 om 13h35

  5. On est très fier de nos coureurs rwandais

    | RMugabo | Friday 17 March 2017 om 14h27

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