2015 UCI cycling calendar | 2015 Romanian Cycling Tour

  • 2015 Romanian Cycling Tour


    Took place from tuesday 15 September 2015 till Friday 18 September 2015.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Europe Tour


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Currently 4 comments!
  1. i will like to be inform of competition in Romania , I am cyclist aged 16 . I will be interested in road race between 10 - 80km

    | Oladipupo Mujib Ogunrinde | Sunday 19 July 2015 om 20h32

  2. Are there any contact details or race details regarding this race?

    | Kris Jasper | Thursday 23 July 2015 om 12h16

  3. Je qu'il existait un tour de Roumanie, et je viens de découvrir, qu'il en existe un depuis fort longtemps. je searias interressé de connaître son parcours car je visite régulièrement la Roumanie depuis plusieurs années. D'avance meri.

    | javier.alfonso | Thursday 23 July 2015 om 21h24

  4. I would like to request for official participation in the 2015 Romanian Tour.
    I am the President of Uganda Cycling Association

    | Mayanja Joshua | Friday 21 August 2015 om 13h00

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