2015 UCI cycling calendar | 2015 Tour of Bulgaria

  • 2015 Tour of Bulgaria


    Took place from Sunday 30 August 2015 till Thursday 03 September 2015.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Europe Tour

    Result / Final classification

    1/ Stefan Histrov - 15h57'07"
    2/ Oleg Zemlyakov (Vino 4-ever) - +1'15"
    3/ Patrik Tybor (Kemo Dukla Trencin) - +1'30"
    4/ Georgi Petrov Georgiev - +1'45"
    5/ Sergey Belykh (Itera-Katusha) - +1'54"

    More information ...

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    Stages/Race route and results (when available)

    Sunday 30 August 2015 1/ Nova Zagora > Plovdiv 1/ Patrik Tybor (Kemo Dukla Trencin) - 2h40'49"
    2/ Dmitrii Samokhvalov (Itera-Katusha)
    3/ Georgi Petrov Georgiev
    4/ Sergiy Kozachenko (Kyiv Capital Racing) - +0'09"
    5/ Vitaliy Buts (Kolss-BDC Team)
    Monday 31 August 2015 2/ Plovdiv > Troyan 1/ Stefan Histrov - 2h55'28"
    2/ Oleg Zemlyakov (Vino 4-ever) - +1'23"
    3/ Nikita Stalnov (Seven Rivers Cycling Team) - +2'01"
    4/ Patrik Tybor (Kemo Dukla Trencin) - +2'03"
    5/ Anton Samokhvalov (Itera-Katusha)
    tuesday 01 September 2015 3/ Troyan > Tryavna 1/ Patrik Tybor (Kemo Dukla Trencin) - 3h02'48"
    2/ Pawel Cieslik (Whirlpool-Author)
    3/ Jacek Morajko (Wibatech Fuji)
    4/ Maxim Pokidov (Itera-Katusha)
    5/ Stefan Histrov
    Wednesday 02 September 2015 4/ Tryavna > Sliven 1/ Nikita Panassenko - 4h42'56"
    2/ Sergey Belykh (Itera-Katusha) - +0'03"
    3/ Matvey Nikitin (Seven Rivers Cycling Team)
    4/ Pawel Cieslik (Whirlpool-Author)
    5/ Evgeni Gerganov
    Thursday 03 September 2015 5/ Sliven > Veliko Tarnovo 1/ Ivan Stevic (Serbia) - 2h34'52"
    2/ Siarhei Papok (Minsk Cycling Club)
    3/ Vitaliy Buts (Kolss-BDC Team)
    4/ Matvey Nikitin (Seven Rivers Cycling Team)
    5/ Onur Balkan (Turkey)

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  1. Hi, Is there any race details or contact details regarding this race?...The race website link did not work. Im from the UK and may know someone who wants to race.
    Many thanks

    | Kris Jasper | Thursday 23 July 2015 om 12h07

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