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only 64 days to go until the start of the Tour de France 2017, in the mean time check out the 2017 UCI cycling calendar!

2016 UCI cycling calendar | 2016 Ronde de l'Oise

  • Ronde de l'Oise 2016 Ronde de l'Oise


    Took place from thursday 09 June 2016 till sunday 12 June 2016.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Europe Tour

    Result / Final classification

    1/ Antonio Parrinello (D'Amico Bottecchia) - 16h11'10"
    2/ Bjorn Tore Hoem (TJB) - +0'01"
    3/ Nathan van Hooydonck - +0'02"
    4/ Cees Bol (Rabobank Development Team) - +0'09"
    5/ Dieter Bouvry (Roubaix-Métropole Européenne de Lille)

    Stages/Race route (and results when available)

    thursday 09 June 2016 1/ Parc Asterix (Plailly) > Ribécourt-Dreslincourt 136 km 1/ Martijn Budding (Rabobank Development Team) - 3h03'03"
    2/ Fridtjof Roeinaas (Team Sparebanken Sor)
    3/ Fabian Lienhard (BDT)
    4/ Jarno Gmelich (Metec TKH Continental Cycling Team powered by Mantel)
    5/ Reidar Bohlin Borgersen (Team Joker Byggtorget)
    friday 10 June 2016 2/ Villers-Saint-Paul > Lacroix-Saint-Ouen 210 km 1/ Dries de Bondt (Veranda's Willems Cycling Team) - 4h48'41"
    2/ Antonino Parrinello (D'Amico Bottecchia)
    3/ Bjorn Tore Hoem (Team Joker)
    4/ Clément Penven (Armée de Terre)
    5/ Nicholas Schultz (SEG Racing Academy)
    saturday 11 June 2016 3/ Laigneville > Laigneville 190 km 1/ Boris Vallée (Fortunéo-Vital Concept) - 4h13'49"
    2/ Nicola Genovese (D'Amico Bottecchia)
    3/ Alexis Bodiot (Armée de Terre)
    4/ Rudy Barbier (Roubaix Métropole Européenne de Lille)
    5/ Armindo Fonséca (Fortunéo-Vital Concept)
    sunday 12 June 2016 4/ Saint-Maximin > Liancourt 167 km 1/ Nathan van Hooydonck - 4h05'45"
    2/ Cees Bol (Rabobank Development Team)
    3/ Dieter Bouvry (Roubaix-Métropole Européenne de Lille)
    4/ Antonio Parrinello (D'Amicco Bottecchia)
    5/ Bjorn Tore Hoem (Team Joker Byggtorget)
    total distance 703 km

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    Do you like this race? Tell your friends on Facebook by clicking the button below!


Currently 3 comments!
  1. bonjour.une trait belle épreuve qui doit perduré bon courage au organisateurs

    | guillaume | sunday 05 June 2016 at 15:13:56


    | FRED | thursday 09 June 2016 at 17:56:28

  3. Superbe course, qui exclut, hélas, nos meilleurs "amateurs" régionaux.
    Ce n'est plus la "Ronde" de ma jeunesse et le c.l.m. du Vendredi soir ds la côte du "paradis (Liancourt, vers Catenoy)" et l'arrivée dans "les Arts et métiers".

    | Ritondu60 | saturday 11 June 2016 at 11:38:48

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