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      Monaco accueille le Tour (726x)Round about Monaco accueille le Tour (586x)The background for TV interviews: Monaco accueille le Tour (282x)The Team Vittel at the team presentation in Monaco (613x)
      The Team Vittel (720x)Marc Dumailleau meets Florence (658x)The Team Vittel on the grandstand (631x)Vittel's schoolbus (647x)
      One of the sidecars with a bike (651x)My work in the Tour de France 2009: the blog (639x)Ricoré (485x)The gators of Vittel (670x)
      The Ricoré clocks (626x)Vittel, l'eau officielle (622x)Vittel, l'eau officielle (2) (656x)One of the water packs (642x)
      Cleaning can be fun as well! (628x)Another water pack (462x)Advertising caravan: the cars of the Grand Départ in Rotterdam (2010) (613x)Advertising caravan: logo Grand Départ in Rotterdam (2010) - New energy (805x)
      Advertising caravan: a Kleber transporter ;-) (959x)Advertising caravan: Skoda's Yeti (836x)Advertising caravan: Haribo (Tagada strawberry) (952x)Advertising caravan: Roadsign (698x)
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