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  1. Fijn dat deze etappes ook in het Nederlands te lezen zijn.

    | Tonn | maandag 14 oktober 2019 om 11:35:06

  2. the teams presentation which will take place on the Place Masséna in the city. Will there be tickets for this event or is it first come first served or is it people like the politicians and senior team leaders who are invited. I would like a ticket, please!!!

    | Greg McIntosh | dinsdag 21 januari 2020 om 20:29:42

  3. Hello Greg,

    Last year, in Brussels, the access to the teams presentation was free. Since it'll again be on a public place this year (in Nice, in France), we can assume it'll again be free access.

    However, in order to be sure I guess you'll still have to wait a bit!

    | Thomas Vergouwen | woensdag 22 januari 2020 om 22:25:35