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  1. Cette année les équipes fortes comme la Sky et tinkoff- saxo ont souvent recours à course en bordure :Excellente tactique pour éliminer les suceurs de roue et très bonne façon pour placer leurs leaders avant la montagne

    | constantin | mardi 07 juillet 2015 à 14:47:41

  2. I live on the west coast of Canada so I set up my PVR to record the race as it starts at 5:00 am here. I was really upset yesterday when TSN stopped the recording when there was just over 2km to go! I had also recorded the following show in the event that they would continue past the hour if this was necessary. When I switched to the next show all I got before it went to the next show was a small bit of the interview with Tony Martin! Very poor show on the part of TSN. Would they dare do that if it were hockey or football? I doubt it.

    | Bernie | mercredi 08 juillet 2015 à 20:22:00