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  1. Saunier Duval Scott outfit for 2008 looks very attractive and stylish. The colours yellow and black define the outfit very well. Looking forward to seeing the team perform in The Tour De France/Giro d'Italia/Giro di Lombardia.
    Regards Sean Molloy.

    | Sean Molloy | mardi 26 février 2008 à 17:03:20

  2. What is the possibility of getting some more photos off Saunier Duval Scott on your web?
    Regards Sean

    | Sean Molloy | samedi 01 mars 2008 à 13:50:52

  3. Hi Sean!

    Unfortunately I won't be able to go and see (and thus taking some more photos) the Paris-Nice prologue since it will start in Amilly instead of Issy-les-Moulineaux :-( and Amilly is too far from where I live (since I would have to go there by bike).

    So unless someone sends me photos which I can publish on my web site I probably won't have any new photos before the Tour de France. Since I will be working on the Orange dans le Tour blog again (on which I give a look behind the scenes of the Tour de France) I will definitely be able to take as many photos as last year!


    | Thomas Vergouwen | samedi 01 mars 2008 à 14:04:12

  4. Hi Sean,

    As you might have seen I managed to go to the Paris-Nice prologue anyway, so I do have some new Saunier Duval-Scott pictures on my website in the Paris-Nice 2008 prologue category!

    | Thomas Vergouwen | dimanche 16 mars 2008 à 15:31:42

  5. Message to Riccardo Ricco,
    Beyond the dope implication, the jump Riccardo made in the pass D'Aspin was the best moment in the french tour 2008.

    | Royer | mercredi 06 août 2008 à 10:45:32