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  1. Nice review - good to see that cycling is growing in Africa - will be following MTN-Qhubeka's progress with interest this season! Looking forward to further updates!

    | Tim | lundi 13 janvier 2014 à 10:12:37

  2. Good to hear awareness is being raised through good results around a charity as opposed to large companies with large marketing budgets. Success breeds success so I too look forward to following the team with interest. I'm sure there is much untapped talent in Africa!

    | Jas | lundi 13 janvier 2014 à 11:07:35

  3. Nice to hear what MTN - Qhubeka´s in doing in Africa. Very far from what happen in Brazil.

    | fabio ferreira | lundi 13 janvier 2014 à 15:13:22

  4. A fascinating insight into the oiling of the wheels of a team with interesting and pretty unique challenges to face.Heartwarming to see the children on their bikes. A really worthwhile project to support I think.

    | edd harrison | samedi 17 mai 2014 à 10:37:54

  5. The sky's the limit for a good cause and a motivated team even without the backing of an oligarch.How will things pan out in 2014?

    | charlemaigne butt | samedi 17 mai 2014 à 11:18:07